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You can support Carewell in many different ways. You can make a donation to fund our programs and activities. Carewell provides all its in-house resources and services free of charge to its members. These include: a library and multi-media center, support groups and counseling sessions, medical consultations, wellness activities like Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, and art classes, lectures and fun activities, participation in our Respite Weekend program, referrals to doctors and other health and wellness professionals, access to a network of cancer survivors, caregivers, loved ones, and links to other individuals, groups, and organizations serving the Philippine cancer community.

Please refer to the menu to learn about other ways through which you can support Carewell.

Help Cover the Cost of Shipping of Our Materials

Carewell covers the cost of shipping most of its print, video, and audio cancer and wellness materials from the United States to Manila. You can help us out by sponsoring one (or more!) boxes of materials. It costs from $50 to $100 dollars to ship one large box from the US (west or east coasts) to the Philippines.

Fund Projects & Donate Tickets

You may provide funds in order to sponsor a particular workshop, lecture, or special project. You may donate tickets to movies, plays, concerts, and other entertainment events in support of our Carewell fun activities.

Provide Free/Discounted Services

If you believe that you can be of help by providing your professional services, please consider offering them for free (or at reduced rates) for Carewell Community members. Please also consider serving as a volunteer at our facility.

Donate Refreshments

Carewell offers light refreshments free of charge to persons who visit/use our facility. You can help us out by donating water, juice, sandwiches, and other beverages and snacks.

How To Make A Donation

Please make your checks in Philippine pesos or US dollars payable to: The Cancer Resource and Wellness Community Foundation, Inc.

You may send checks to/within the Philippines to:
The Cancer Resource and Wellness Community Foundation, Inc.
6th Floor S & L Building
dela Rosa corner Esteban Streets
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1209

Donations can also be made by direct deposit to our bank account. with the following details:
Bank: BDO
Branch: Rufino Salcedo Village
Account name: The Cancer Resource and Wellness (CAREWELL) Community Foundation, Inc.
Current Account Number: 0069-1800-1243
BDO Swift code: BNORPHMM

Please scan or take a photo of the deposit slip and email along with your name and contact details to: or thru FB messenger/DM to our FB page so we can properly document your donation and provide you with an official receipt. The BDO account is for peso donations only. US checks can be sent to our office.



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